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Trade Rules

To the entire trade rules.
First, trade cards for their worth. If someone would like to have a card with 2 worth points, please either offer a 2 worth points card yourself or use 2x 1 worth points cards.
Secondly, if you should receive a non-fair exchange, please just refuse it. The why is due to the level system that works out of the worth points of the cards. So that nobody loses any of their skill points, I kindly ask you to simply refuse such exchange offers.

Please also include membership cards if you exchange yours. They are to be counted as cards, but they have no worth.

Trade Log

With every exchange you do not only save a log for yourself. This includes the file names of your cards and the cards you get. It is also important to enter the name with the person you have swapped with. Here some examples.

Bad Trade Log: Dez 25 -----
Traded with Claire some cards.

Good Trade Log: Dez 25 -----
Traded Claire: my fwpc-danzenfutariwaprecure02 for dl-mrsadisticnight03


A stamp card is a tool used to keep track of how many cards a player has traded away, which is also one of the proofs needed for trading rewards. Trades are counted by the number of cards you've traded away, not by worth of cards traded or the number of players you trade with. Hence, Member Cards are counted despite them being 0 of worth.

A stamp card is full after 25 stamps. You can hand in your full stamp cards in the player area.

Reward: 1 Choice Card (every 5th Stamp Card), 3 Random Regular, 5 Stardust

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Using Stamp Cards