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Reward Reference

There are many ways to gain cards here on Stardust TCG.

Achievement Reward
Joining 2 Cards from collecting, 6 Random Regular
Member Bonus Pack 3 Random Regular, ?x Stardust
Prejoin Bonus Pack 4 Random Regular, ?x Stardust, ?x Star
Birthdays 6 Random Regular, 2 Random Special, ?x Stardust, ?x Star, Milestone
Refferals 4 Random Regular, 1 Random Special, ?x Star

Staff Reward
Deck Maker 5 Random Card, 10x Stardust, 5x Star
Forum Staff 5 Random Card, 10x Stardust, 5x Star

You can find the rewards for Mastering or Leveling Up in the Information section for Cards or Level respectively.

Activities Reward
Deck Creation 1 Choice Card, 3 Random Regular, 10x Stardust
Trader Rewards 3 Random Regular, 5x Stardust
Milestone Rewards 1 Choice Card, 3 Random Regular

Rewards for donation can be found in the information section for donations.

Forum Games Reward
Higher or Lower 3 Random Card, 5x Stardust
Group Collect 2 Random Regular

Games Reward
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