Released Community Decks

Here you can find all released community decks. The # indicates the count of cards, while the $ indicates the worth of the cards. If you can't find a deck in particular, try using the ctrl/command + f to find it.
You can change the sort by clicking on the respective title column. (You can sort by Deckname, Anime, Color and Release Date.)
There will always be 50 decks per page. At the end of the table there is the possibility to scroll through the list.
Deckname Anime Color Release Date # / $
Cami's Birthday 2020 IDOLiSH7 Pink 05/18/2020 16 / 2
Kayori's Birthday 2020 Uta no Prince-sama Black 05/11/2020 16 / 2
Prejoin Community Theme Blue 06/01/2020 12 / 2