Welcome to Stardust

Claire warmly welcomes you to Stardust. Stardust is a TCG that fills with all different anime series. Screencaps are mainly used for decks. If you are interested then everyone will be happy when you join. If you have general questions about TCG or directly about Stardust, have a look at the information page. Otherwise Claire wishes you a lot of fun exploring Stardust.

Spring is here!

March 30, 2020

New Members Level Ups New Affiliates Game Updates
Kupo, Cas Sarah (Newbie 0 -> Noob 1), Claire (Noob 1 -> Noob 2), Helena (Newbie 0 -> Noob 1) None Weekly, BiWeekly A, Monthly
Masteries Krendra (Chika & Riko & You), Sarah (Shaking, Catch you Catch me, Paint it, White!, Iori & Yamato, Duel: Asuna vs. Yuuki), Claire (Wonderful Powerful Music!!), Helena (Chibiusa Tsukino)

Wishing Well


Wish by Hotaru: Spelling out "STARDUST" per Deckname.
No more than 1 per deck.

Wish by Claire: Spelling out "SPRING TIME" per Deckname.
No more than 1 per deck.
March is coming to an end and spring is coming. Easter is coming soon with spring. This time is celebrated on Stardust with a little sweet event. I'm trying to get everything ready for the event this week. Otherwise I just have nothing to share. I hope you are all doing well in the crazy time.

Deck Release

You may take a total of 10 cards.
No more than 2 per deck!.
For donated the deck than you take 1 extra card.
For makers the deck than you take 1 extra card.
Comment with what you take!

Or you can take from the
Deck Release Randomizer

Event Achievement

Event Achievement: ec-spring2020, ec-prejoinersarah, ec-firstmasterysarah, ec-firstlevelupsarah, ec-prejoinerkupo, ec-prejoinerlex, ec-firstleveluplex, ec-firstmasterylex

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